I am a devoted practitioner & Instructor in the Healing arts of Shiatsu-Anma and Ampuku massage therapy and also in Aikido martial art. I consider myself as a healer.

I have, for many years, great affection for Traditional Japanese culture & philosophy. I am deeply affected by its elegancy, beauty and power. This inspiration has contributed for the development of my unique style and belief, both in the healing arts and martial arts. Practicing those arts had changed my life and made me a stronger & healthier person.

My dream is to establish an institute combining Aikido and Shiatsu-Anma therapy as educational forms of health & body-mind awareness to the public!



Activities and News:

1. Working as a Shiatsu-Anma therapist in a Tsubakiyama Acupuncture clinic, Santa Monica .

2. Independant Therapist around Lax/LA area.

3. Privately teaching Shiatsu-Anma courses at my location. For more details please contact me in person.

4. Privately teaching Aikido to selected students.

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12233 Manor Dr, #16
Hawthorne, CA 90250, USA
Phone: 310-254-7274
Email: asi.shnbl@ymail.com

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