SHIATSU ANMA is a Japanese unique Healing art that combines SHIATSU Acupressure therapy with ANMA (Traditional Japanese massage therapy) and AMPUKU (abdominal massage therapy) and helps to promote the natural healing power (KI) flowing throughout our body.

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Characteristics: Treatments include a variety of manual techniques applied with ellegancy & beauty and without effort. It can be done anywhere instantly, and even as self treatment!

Unlike Western massage ("Swedish", or oil massage), treatments are done traditionally on a matt (ground height) but may also be applied on special massage table. The client is lying down or sitted, wearing full light clothing (which contributes to a feeling of safety and comfort). Baby powder is occasionally used to massage exposed areas such as abdomen, feet, palms and neck.

My treatments combine Shiatsu Anma therapy together with additional techniques as needed, such as cupping-therapy, heating/moxibation, pain-relief balms etc, for maximum effect.

The essence & frequency of the treatments are individually assessed, and so are the strength of the pressure and focus on specific areas & points.

Benefits: Shiatsu-Anma have a therapeutic value and can help clinically alleviates a big variety of symptoms, as well as improve/restore one's own natural immunity & vitality!

Shiatsu-Anma therapy can focus on structural, Neurological and Physiological (metabolic) bodily functions hence can be helpful in any kind of sickness/disease/injury when caused by unnatural malfunctioning of the body due to abusive lifestyle, past trauma, stress etc. Our focus is simply to restore the body's natural orders so its own powers can help it recover naturaly!

This is why treatments are very safe and include no side-effects at all!!!

Restrictions and Contraindications

Shiatsu-Anma treatments should NOT replace an authorized proper Medical care/supervision. In any case involving a severe medical condition one should first consult a qualified physician!

Treatments are NOT recommended in the following cases:
Febrile disease, Extreme week condition, Sever inflammations accompanied with swelling or movement limitation, Tendency of internal bleeding, Open wounds or highly irritated skin (local treatment), Pregnancy in the first Trimester, Sever Osteoporosis in old age, (Existence of) heart pace-maker, Right after a serious operation, Fear of cancerous tumors accopanied by sever weakness


About me: I am a state-certified CMT, a Healer and an expert & Instructor in SHIATSU-ANMA massage therapy. Previously a graduate of the "Shiatsu Massage School of California" (1996), and working as a Shiatsu-Anma therapist ever since, privately as well as serving in different offices and clinics for over 20 years. I offer a unique hands-on skill and clinical understanding of Oriental Medicine and Health, body and mind. As a qualified Shiatsu-Anma instructor (1998) I have instructed previously at the Shiatsu Massage school of California and also at IPSB College (Culver city).

My sessions- are mainly designated for "health oriented" individuals and can help maintain and even restore their health conditions. I provide INCALL or OUTCALL sessions for a rate of $70 per session (aproximately 1 hour). An additional driving fee may be added for long distance outcalls. For booking a session/evaluation please contact me soon.

The modalities I integrate in mysessions are: Shiatsu-Anma therapy, Ampuku, Cupping therapy, consultation.

My unique style: In My sessionsI have developed a great level of sensitivity and intuition guided by an amazing principle which I name "The Diaphragm principle": Any pressure technique is meant to evoke a breathing reflex by the Diaphragm so to start a natural corrective process. This principle is very simple, yet most accurate & effective. It helped me gain incredible results over the years!

I've helped with: Chronic stress/pain managment , migraines/headaches , limitated range of Motion , minor inflammations , Carpal tunnel syndrom , sports injuries , cold or Flu attacks (helping in alleviating symptoms) , temporary loss of voice , chronic fatigue syndrome , bladder issues/ Incontinence , allergy reactions (Stress based) , irritated bowel (upset stomach) syndrome/temporary constipation , menstrual pain , Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments , stress (Anxiety) attacks , shortness of breath (Asthma) , aiding "PARKINSON" patients in routine treatments, and more!

Shiatsu Anma Do: Is a project in which I teach the art of Shiatsu-Anma therapy as health maintenance. Practitioners get to regularly practice and learn basic acupressure skills design to boost their health, better understand their bodies, alleviate many common ailments with points pressure, increase their metabolism and more.

Higher levels of practice will be provided in the future to selected enthusiats based on their mastery of the basic practical level. The practice is open to the wide public and is very affordable. The idea is to provide a "Dojo" style training so to help adopt Shiatsu-Anma as a way of life in an enjoyable practical and simplified manner.

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