Shiatsu-Anma-Do is a project and a life-long passion I have with the goal of promoting health and the arts of Shiatsu and Anma as a way of life. I wish to train you as I was educated to incorporate fingers-pressure therapy into your daily lifes and allow you to experience amazing improvments in your health management as I have experience in my own.

A Shiatsu-Anma-Do center will be established soon as a practice center where people can come in regularly, practice self care as well as in pairs and learn the art of Shiatsu-Anma as they practice. Various levels of practice are provided based on a practical fundumental practice shared by all members. Classes will cost a membership fee which will be very affordable and inviting!

Boost your health joining this wonderful and unique way of life. Come practice healing with Shiatsu-Anma regularly, learn how to relief many common ailments and apply the arts of Shiatsu-Anma on yourself and your loved ones and enjoy improving your skills as you maintain your body!

Throughout my years of practice in both healing and martial arts I noticed many people around me lack awareness and confidence in their own bodies, a thing that often results in constant tension buildup, reduced health, feeling helpless against problems & health issues, and missary.

The general public looks for any casual relief like meds (toxins), casual massage & bodywork (only temporary relief) and more. I found that most individuals who seek "to be fixed" somehow never cure their problems permanently or completely, just living "in between reliefs". Shiatsu-Anma-Do is a way of practice that provides an active constant role in improving our health, that is extreemly affordable and enjoyable!

Practicing Shiatsu-Anma on myself regularly and helping my family & friends had greatly improved my physical condition, health, recovery rate, confidence in my body, relashions with loved ones, and my skill as a therapist. I wish to share that gift with the world!
At the center we learn skills of acupressure therapy as we train and improve our bodies on a regular basis! How great!

Members of Shiatsu-Anma-Do will enjoy various benefits like discount sessions with me, special discounts for external workshops, and most of all- improving health through a constant affordable practice!!!

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Nowadays a location and configuration of the classes are being formed. Soon updates will be published!



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