What is Aikido-

The art of Aikido relays on a variety of techniques from the ancient days of the Samurai, including "empty- hand" techniques as well as using traditional weapons.
The specialty of this art is in the principle of "Non-Resistance" (Safely integrating with the attack instead of opposing it in order to neutralize it).
Applying this principle effectively requires a high level of body-mind control and lots of training. With time & practice it may benefit our body greatly!

Aikido does not require great physical strength and there for may also fit women and people with weaker body constitution, interested in developing elegancy & internal power. Aikido practice is a way of life beginning by learning techniques and correct bodily usage, and continues through interaction with partners and practical application.

Practice is recommended out of inspiration to the beauty and uniqueness of Aikido. Any person may fit for practice regardless in his\her constitution, size, sex etc. Nevertheless, in case of disability or any medica limitation one should consult a qualified instructor prior to their training period.

About the founder-

Aikido has been developed since the beginning of the 20'Th century by UESHIBA MORIHEI (1883-1969), a remarkable martial artist with a unique & impressive personality. Ueshiba Sensei was trained in various martial arts such as several styles of Jiu-Jitsu, sword fighting, Jo (short staff) and more.

Being a spiritual person in nature Ueshiba gradually refined his techniques into a unique level of harmony and integration with any attack without opposing it. The principle of "Winning without opposition or physical effort" became his main guide, as well as the role of AIKIDO.

For his remarkable skill & contribution his direct students named him "O-Sensei", meaning "Great teacher", a highly hourable title!


The Meaning of the name-

AI: Harmony, Unity, Confronting

In modern times we are all in a debate against the world around us all the time. Most of us are fighting constantly against other people, against drivers on the road, against the surrounding reality and even against physical forces surrounding our bodies. Aikido teaches us not to resist the world around us, but to integrate positively. This process is created as a result of a continuous practice.

KI: Life force, energy

The flow of life nourishes everything in the universe and exists in every living thing. It also exists in any attack & movement created by the attacker against us (direction, power etc.). Training in Aikido allows us to feel the quality of this flowing energy around us, unify with it and get to know our body's potential & limitations. Aikido contributes greatly to improving coordination, flexibility, inner strength, human interaction and awareness towards the environment (the opponent's attack).

DO: Way (Universal)

"Do" is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Tao" in Chinese referring to the way of the universe and all things. Practice in Aikido becomes a constant way of life for the practitioner, with which he/she is gradually becoming a "martial artist" and not just a "warrior".

Without the commitment to it the practitioner may never learn the importance of responsibility towards himself/herself, his/her body and the world around him/her. Respect towards others is a divine virtue that "opens" our heart & mind to the world and strongly relies on the development of our bodies through constant training.


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