AMPUKU:Abdominal Treatment

àîôå÷åLit. Palpating the abdomen. Ampuku is a part of Anma massage in traditional Japan focusing in treating the abdomen. The abdomen, in traditional Japanese philosophy is considered to be the center of human life and the source of our health. Many healers considered the root of disease as located in the abdomen (Lit. "HARA").

Ever since the 17'Th century Ampuku has developed to a clinical level and dealt with many patterns of sickness, sometimes combined with additional oriental medical techniques such as herbology, moxibation etc.

Ampuku techniques are all derived from Anma massage and focusing them on the abdomen. Ampuku has several ways of diagnosis & treatment, according to several different styles which have developed over the centuries.

Nowadays Ampuku is in use for treating & healing a variety of cases such as: relief of abdominal (gastrointestinal, menstrual, digestive, circulatory etc.) syndromes, helping pregnancy, midwifery treatments, rehabilitation from childbirth, stress relieve etc.

The style in which I am trained uses simple talk powder over the exposed abdomen for a more comfortable feeling during the treatment. This style is based on two traditional styles being taught in Japan: The GOTO style and SHINSAI OTA style ( two great healers at their time).

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